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Andrea's Pizza

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My Opinion of Andrea's Pizza:

Andrea's Pizza in Watertown, Massachusetts is a Greek pizza and sub shop, where everyone speaks Brazilian Portuguese, across from Stella's Pizza. Andrea's has sliced pizza in a rotating glass warming oven, the look of which is not one to impart faith. In fact, it looks very much like someone grabbed a Tombstone and threw it in there.

I ordered a large (16") mushroom pie and waited 10 minutes. What I got back didn't look much different, except it didn't look like the cheese had been congealing since the store opened. I would think the other options on the menu would probably be a better option, although the mushrooms weren't too bad. The sauce was bland and the cheese unremarkable. There was a taste that took me a few seconds to pick-up since it was clearly from neither of those, but unlike most places they automatically spread oregano on the pie which provided it with the extent of its taste. Admittedly, they did a good job (I tend to put too much or too little on so I usually just ignore the condiment), but that hardly makes the pizza recommendable on its own.