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My Opinion of BlackBerry:

BlackBerry is a common noun, meaning either a small berry in the rubus genus, or more commonly today, any mobile phone that has support for real-time or semi-real-time push email.

The first company to coin the term BlackBerry was Canadian-based Research In Motion, but by no means are they the only company to produce BlackBerries which has through aggressive use as a noun by both RIM and its partners (noticeably Verizon Wireless who uses the tag Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry and uses the term as a noun in its advertisements).

Other companies that currently make BlackBerries include Nokia, HTC, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola and a host of other mobile phone companies. It's argued that to be classified as a BlackBerry, you also need to have a slow, unstable, and basic web browser, but this appears to no longer be the case as even the Research in Motion mobile devices have announced that they will be switching to a webkit-based browser making it the last popular maker of BlackBerries to do so.