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BroadVoice and Asterisk

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My Opinion of BroadVoice and Asterisk:

I've been using BroadVoice as my primary VoIP to POTS service provider for a few years now. BroadVoice markets its service primarily for people who want to connect a single VoIP device in order to make cheap calls. It provides a full-featured slew of options (some available as upsells), but all of which are also available via the Asterisk PBX. My primary reason for running Asterisk is the voicemail and dilaing plan flexibility, both of which imply that I would want Asterisk to handle all calls, and don't make use of any of BroadVoice's features beyond connecting the call.

The one problem that I've noticed with BroadVoice is that they won't let me change outgoing caller identification information which is a bummer. I've subsequently switched to using Vitelity and Asterisk which is both more economical and doesn't have this restriction. They also have more responsive customer support and in general, are just a nicer feeling company.