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I wouldn't suggest ever ordering from Nokia directly

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My Opinion of I wouldn't suggest ever ordering from Nokia directly:

I tried ordering from Nokia's online storefront, and it refused to take any of my credit cards. I tried calling their phone number to order, had to dive through a (fortunately short) phone tree, and eventually got put into the hold queue for less than five minutes. I explained this situation to the subcontinental that answered, so she had her manager reverse the charges in a process that took about ten minutes of communicating, collecting information, and holding. I was then told that because my order had been reversed, I wouldn't be able to order again for 3-5 days while the system cleared. I was also told that the problem had been that their ordering system had problems with different shipping and billing addresses, even though the web interface will happily collect such an order.

I ended-up just ordering both products from Expansys, which in hindsight, is what I'll do in the future.