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My Opinion of Internet Explorer:

MicroSoft's web browser shoe-horned into versions of their windowing operating system since version 4.

It was originally based on Spyglass Mosaic involving some crafty and duplicitous licensing arrangements. Version 7 (2005 [beta] / 2006 [release]) contains none of this licensed code according to an internal MicroSoft audit.

Internet Explorer (IE, MSIE) is alternatively the bane or be-all for anyone working on the web. There are several glaring problems with its compatibility with standards, the way it internally implements things, and the way MicroSoft has tied it into its operating system products.

It is slow to support standard features like Portable Network Graphics and XHTML. There are other problems which are unique to Internet Explorer because of the way it is implemented, such as certain widgets (such as the select HTML element) being implemented as their own window.