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m joined January 13, 2008 (logged-in March 11, 2020) <beez> Bitching where bitching is due -- and often where it is not.


Bohmian.org is version 3.0 of my personal web site. The goal is to better integrate all of the components I'd developed over the past seven years or so, since "version 2.0" of my web site was released to the world.

The biggest improvement in my opinion, and the first components created, are the integration of the journal / web log feature and wiki feature. I like to reference items in my writing (and speaking for that matter) that are tangental to the previous topic, and this provides a much better (hopefully) way of doing this. At the same time, I've found existing wiki software to be insufficient for what I want.

The goal is to create a web of concepts. Obvious influences are The Brain (1996), Everything (1998), and Wiki Wiki (1994) via MediaWiki / Wikipedia (2001). It is hoped that other people will add their own comments and opinions where they have them, and create their own nodes (known as /objects/, although they encompass all types of nouns). Unlike in some other systems, users can create their own editable page for a topic instead of trying to integrate content with another user's. Moreover, unlike Wikipedia, it is not the goal of this site to create an authoritative source, but to encourage constructive dialog. While it is helpful to provide background information for one's entry, users can also add an /authoritative URL/ to their entry which appears to logged-in users browsing the site for additional information.

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