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Bohmian.org - About Bohmian

Bohmian.org is built around the concept of Bohmian Dialogues, free-association communication in groups. The goal of these dialogues is to explore without presupposed judgments or outside motives--the intellectual equivalent of taking the road less travelled.

Unlike encyclopedic sites, it is not our goal to be authoritative--we are about what you thought of in class one day, or more likely in the shower (where 95% of all ideas come from!)1 At the same time, we are not an indiscriminate collection of information, but a collection of indiscriminate thoughts.

We provide editable pages for background information on a topic. You should provide enough information so that others can understand your ideas, but creating articles filled with unnecessary detail isn't necessary if it's available elsewhere. The important information is what isn't found elsewhere, your insights and experiences.

Bohmian.org is by its intent and nature a very public forum, but we do value the privacy of our members as well. We have a privacy policy that discusses this in more depth.

Violating our terms of service or doing something illegal could result in ramifications such as removal of content, your account, or your privilege to use this service. We do not actively monitor for abuse, but when we find it justice is swift. Don't tempt fate.

The general rules here are simple: Respect other people, and their rights. Don't attack other people, ideas, or hallucinations. By no means should you attack the grue.

1103% of the statistics on this page were made-up.