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Testing web sites in the Safari Web browser

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My Opinion of Testing web sites in the Safari Web browser:

At 1.5% the market share of the Opera Web browser, the Safari Web browser is a vital concern for any Web site that desires to support more than two distinct Web layout engines.

Unfortunately, Safari is closed-source, which means (among other things) that it's not practical to run on most computer operating systems. The Epiphany Web browser used to support multiple layout engines, and looks like it might some day support Webkit, the underlying framework for the Safari Web browser. It is, however, currently using just Mozilla's Gecko layout engine presently, despite indicating its desire to move away from it.

Webkit was originally based on the layout engine used in KDE's Konqueror, KHTML, but the two have diverged enough that testing in Konqueror using KHTML is not a fair test, as both layout engines can behave rather distinctly in different cases. There is a Webkit-plugin for KDE/Konqueror however, which is an option.

For the GNOME desktop environment, we have the Kazehakase Web browser which uses the GTK+ widget toolkit, but was unstable when using Webkit in my brief testing, and the Midori Web browser. Midori is mentioned especially in the a member of the Webkit team's blog, and appeared stable enough for testing purposes, and thus has become the recommended GTK-based web agent for testing Webkit, at least until Epiphany gets its act together.