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My Opinion of Koss KD305 DVD player:

The Koss KD305 DVD player is a decent, cheap, DVD player although it has been known to overheat resulting in the player locking-up and requiring at least an hour to cool down.

The player can easily change between PAL and NTSC,as well as be set to an appropriate region unless its internal table is intentionally destroyed from the hidden menu. You can reach this menu by removing any disc and hitting 16719. The player can be reset to factory settings by pressing 76419 instead, or 76418 to clear the password.

If you boot the player with the wrong output encoding set, press down three times to get to 'Display' when on the main menu, hit ok and then press down to get to the video encoding option. Change the option (left or right) and hit ok. You may need to then turn the player off by pressing the power button on the unit before the change takes affect.