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PROPAGANDA was a collection of GPL-licensed desktop backgrounds often included in Linux distributions and available via free download over the web at the end of the 20th century. The collection consisted of surreal computer art created in The GIMP by Bowie J. Poag in 1998, and has been described as the "same damn wirly-theme-with-some-random-set-of-colors-in-some-boring-pattern motif" and were intended to be displayed as repeated tiles.

After ten months, Poag turned control of the project over to Naru Sundar who was then at the California Institute of Technology. Although Sundar would subsequently release two additional image sets, Poag terminated the project in April of 2000 citing a lack of activity by Sundar. Poag removed the two sets contributed by Sundar claiming that they were "less-than-stellar" in an announcement sent to the editors at Slashdot and later posted on their site.

The name /PROPAGANDA/ was tied-in to a story presented on the site that John F. Kennedy had faked his own assassination in 1963.