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My Opinion of Vitelity and Asterisk:

I use Vitelity SIP trunking with my Asterisk PBX. They have a very economical a la carte menu of services, which costs me anywhere from one-third (normal usage) to one-half (in a month of heavy usage for me) of what I was paying with BroadVoice. Unlike with BroadVoice, each line ordered comes in on its own extension which makes running a PBX much easier and more efficient as with BroadVoice this was only possible on a per-account basis (meaning that each additional line was about eight-times the cost as it is with Vitelity) and Vitelity respects the outgoing CID information which works out well since outgoing calls are charged per account, and not per DID.

The one change I've needed to make in my sip.conf is reducing the "defaultexpiry" from 120 minutes, forcing Asterisk to renew the registration earlier. At the default length, there are gaps in the registration where calls will be missed because Vitelity has dropped the connection. This is probably not an issue if you're using IP-based authentication, however.