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Spencers Camera and Photo

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My Opinion of Spencers Camera and Photo:

I bough a used Canon 20D with an infrared photography modification from Spencer's after having determined that this was the best value to get into IR photography, and since I was buying a camera directly from them, the safest option (rather than sending my primary camera out, for instance). Reviews online were somewhat questionable, with several complaining about Spencer's holding their cameras for months before returning them, not always fixed.

The Canon 20D I ordered was listed as a "special order", with a shipping time of two weeks advertised. As it was, it took an extra week. The reason given was that the initial camera they received had some issues that weren't fully explained, nor really that important to me as the delay was fairly minimal. When I did receive my 20D, I was surprised that it only had 6418 shutter actuations recorded before I received it.

In general, I've no complaints, although I don't think I'd send my primary camera out to them given repair shops that are much closer more so than the complaints online. One other issue I had with them, however, was that they had seemed to have some issues with their eMail system such that I only ever received the initial order confirmation but couldn't receive any follow-up eMails from them, or even, finally, shipping information. In the end, everything worked-out however.