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My Opinion of BroadVoice:

I started using BroadVoice as my VoIP to POTS gateway provider a few years back, and haven't had any significant problems. There have been a few minor hiccups:
* Certain users of Sprint Nextel's Blackberry service don't properly appear with caller ID information which breaks some caller-based rules.
* For these same users, outgoing calls over BroadVoice don't get redirected to voicemail.
* I can't specify my outgoing caller ID information which is frustrating if I want people to call me back at a specific number (e.g. my mobile) rather than my VoIP line.

More recently however, my BroadVoice service was silently suspended, which I consider a bit more severe as this is somewhat isolating. The reason appears to be because I switched credit cards, and they've changed their policies regarding necessary authorization. I do feel like this could have been better handled.