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Nokia 3710 fold

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My Opinion of Nokia 3710 fold:

I've been playing with the Series 40 phone, Nokia's 3710 fold. It's a reasonable phone, but I'm really fealing how unpolished S40 is when compared to proper Symbian--although finding a reasonably sized phone in the second lot has gotten to be a difficult prospect.

So far I've noticed a rather horrid Series40 menu bug which required me to return my first phone (although I expect the current model to have the same problem, I can at least avoid it). I've also noticed that Series40 ignores contacts stored in both SIM and phone memory, and also that the Series40 mail client is horrid. So much so that Nokia claiming that the 3710 fold supports IMAP borders on false advertising.

Other than that, and that Series40 only supports a single calendar, it's a nice phone, not a huge smartphone. If left alone, it does its job alright. I've got the basics installed, including a Webkit-based browser, Opera Mini, and MoJab ; while it synchronizes with my Nokia N900.