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My Opinion of Slashdot:

Natalie Portman covered in hot grits, goatse.cx, and Signal 11.

Slashdot used to be Rob Malda, a.k.a Commander Taco's hobby blog but then a bunch of people started following the links posted, sometimes several times over the course of a week. As it grew, there were attempts at developing into a legitimate content site instead of just a discussion/link-aggregation site. Several technical luminaries (such as Bruce Perens and John Carmack) frequented the site, sharing it with the inevitable trolls. In a move towards becoming a content producer, Slashdot hired Jon Katz who became a highly inspiring figure, and whose articles displayed an amazing grasp of concepts. Many Slashdot readers seemingly read just to point-out inaccuracies and ego-stroking trivialities in his stories.

A common pastime on Slashdot is to comment on how the quality level of comments is worse now than it was before.