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How the cruise was

Jamie and I just got back from a wedding in Pennsylvania. I often like taking roundabout paths with the idea that it lets one experience more, see different things, and break from the usual. Our trip from Boston to Pennsylvania took nearly a fortnight as we set new personal records for most indirect means of transportation, flying from Logan Airport to Fort Lauderdale, FL, taking a Princess Cruises trans-Atlantic cruise to Portugal, flying back to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, and finally driving to Pennsylvania.

It was exciting, it was educational, it was an experience. Neither Jamie nor I had been on a cruise before, but I was excited that, as we embarked, An Affair to Remember was rotating on one of the channels with Love Affair--a pair of most appropriate films.

Weather was very nice the first few days, as we got to use the hot tubs and pools--being among the only "young" people on the cruise allowed us general access to such amenities as the general ships population seemed more comfortable mostly dressed and on lounge chairs. It was over a week before we docked at the Azores and we set foot once more on land. The days leading up to the Azores, given our north-easterly route, saw the above deck getting much cooler and windier. However, it was the day after the Azores, and our last day at sea that was the rockiest. The weather conditions forced the ship to slow down delaying our arrival at Lisbon's Cais da Rocha Conde de Óbidos until late morning, but allowing us to follow the coast line as we approached during the golden sunrise.