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Needham House of Pizza

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My Opinion of Needham House of Pizza:

New York style Pizza
Large (16") buffalo chicken - $13.60
Large cheese ~$10

Needham House of Pizza is in the center of Needham, MA; not far from Town House of Pizza. Both pies share some similarities, although Needham's is much thinner and less bready than Town's. This makes the pie feel less-filling, and also lets the other components stand out instead of being absorbed into a thicker crust, although neither style is inherently better. Needham also advertises their "curb-side service" targeted at families driving by with kids in the car, so that the parents can stay in the car with the kid and call in a delivery to the car parked nearby.

The chicken on the buffalo pie is a tangy mix between buffalo and barbecue, which isn't what I'm usually looking for when I want buffalo chicken. The chicken would be good on its own (it eats like spare ribs in a tangy barbecue sauce) but doesn't mix well with the pizza. I'd avoid this combination here.