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Bohmian.org - Discussion - New Infrared Camera - 2011.08.08 - m

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New Infrared Camera

I've been looking at beez's infrared photography lately and been somewhat jealous. Normally, infrared light isn't helpful for photo exposure, so camera manufacturers place a filter over the sensor to block it. Several people exist that will modify cameras by removing the stock sensor and replacing it with either a perfectly clear sensor, or with one that only lets infrared light through (among other options). I had considered shipping my Canon 20D out to Spencers Camera and Photo, and replacing it with a newer Canon 7D, but I wasn't quite willing to drop the money on a 7D. Instead I looked at the cheaper "rebel" (or X00 series) but I really liked what the 20D offered. The reasonable choice, was, apparently to purchase a used 20D from Spencer's as well as the modification, which saved on shipping, and wasn't much more expensive than buying the items separately. In the end, I got a slightly used 20D (6418 shutter actuations which isn't all that much, but the hot-shoe has some noticeable cosmetic damage) that shoots infrared photos.