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My Opinion of Manville Pizza (Manville, NJ):

New York style
Large Cheese
Large Mushroom
Large Margherita
Large Chicken Fra Diavolo

Manville Pizza is run by an old Italian guy, a younger Italian guy dating an Italian gal running another pizza joint, and some other Italian people. Basically, there's a lot of Italian, and a lot of pizza in this place. The cheese pizza is smack-on excellent, and often the first I recommend in central Jersey.

The chicken fra diavolo smells wonderfully of spices, and has a decent kick to it, but is tempered heavily by the chicken (in my opinion, there is too much chicken and it detracts from the sauce, although my dining partners felt otherwise--at nearly twice the price of a cheese pizza it's not my top recommendation either). The Margherita eaten fresh is a pie of heaven. You can watch as they toss the tomatoes in the olive oil before baking the pie, and then place thick slices of mozzarella on after it comes out. It's a thing of beauty and deserves to be eaten fresh.

Manville Pizza was located in the former Rustic Mall, but has now moved to a bordering location right on Main Street, so stop by.