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Amazon.com -- from our shelves to the loading dock in a month, maybe

I recently moved, and have been gradually reacquiring things I've either discarded, given away, or simply lost. I also happened to have an gift card from the seemingly popular Amazon.com on-line retailer. Having a bit of money I had to spend (or lose) made it seem like an obvious choice, so I loaded a cart filled it with items, and suddenly had a $70 in shipping charged. Apparently some of the items I ordered were coming from different companies and not Amazon.com, and there was no way of telling which companies were charging exorbitant shipping and handling fees on a 6oz, $6 item beyond trial-and-error of removing items and seeing how much the shipping goes down.

After that was straightened-out, I placed the order. Everything was listed as "in-stock", so I figured I'd wait a week and get my kitchen supplies and bake a cake in celebration. In total there were seven items, measuring cups, a sifter, scale, thermometer--basic things--and a stand mixer. Apparently the stand mixer will take a week to ship, which I could live with. The other six items have an estimated ship date of /June 30th - July 17th/, at least four weeks from my date of order, for six simple things that were /in stock/ when I placed the order.

I've had a couple successful orders from Amazon now (I get at least one gift card from them a year; please don't send me gift cards). This is eerily reminiscent of my first order through them though in 2001 when I ordered a book as a birthday present which had an estimated 2 day shipping time. When I checked after ordering, it was four weeks. When I checked again in four weeks in was another four weeks. Then it disappeared and Amazon says they have no record of the order.