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My Opinion of Cantina Di Gerardo (Littleton, NH):

The Best Restaurant ever. A small place--a dozen tables--run by two immigrants and their daughter. Far superior to anything you'd ever find in your run-of-the-ill Italian place in this country, and most of Italy for that matter. Make a reservation before arriving, usually accepted until 20:00.

The food selection is eclectic Italian. We ordered a helping of the Gnocchi as an appetizer. Julianna suggested we try the wodka sauce which worked very well with the pieces of fresh tomato in it (although I the sauce makes this better for an appetizer than for a main dish). The rest of the meal consisted of linguini in a white garlic sauce and five-fish linguini in a fra diavolo sauce--the former was excellent but the latter was devilishly good. Desert consisted of tiramis├╣ and cannoli which were equally good.

There are several house wines on the menu, or you can choose from a selection of bottled wines. The initial reaction to seeing the price for the house wines was shock at the price, but then there's the realization that it's because you usually don't see wine ever offered by the litre (or half-litre) in the U.S.. Most of the house wines are imported from Italy. We took Julianna's advice and got a litre of the chianti which was an excellent accompaniment.