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East Coast Grill (Cambridge, MA)

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My Opinion of East Coast Grill (Cambridge, MA):

The East Coats Grill is a bit pricey, but provides tasty food. They also on occasions prepare extra-spicy food for "hell-night" events, spiced past the point where most food is enjoyable to any but masochists (although the pasta isn't bad if mixed in approximately equal proportions with non-spiced pasta.

The most memorable part of my visit though was the cozy seating arrangements. I got to hear all about the young couple seated 18 inches to my left's family, film interests--J.J. Abrams has a new film out--and how the young lady talks in her sleep and how this leads him to have nightmares where there's a clown at the end of the bed laughing at him. I also couldn't help--quite literally--hearing the story of her cousin who wants to be a neural surgeon, but in the mean-time decided to drive cross-country with his pet fish. Apparently the fish died somewhere in Minnesota, and he left it in the refuse at a local restaurant.