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My Opinion of Open-mesh.com:

I've been playing with Open-Mesh.com's wireless routers, which come pre-configured with OpenWRT and the R.O.B.I.N. routing protocol.

The routers are on the inexpesnive side, are rather small, and if you want to configure a wireless mesh network the set-up is unbeatable unless you really know what you're doing and want to something very different. Personally, the set-up is just what I was looking for.

That is not to say that this has been without problems, although in the test situation nothing has been more serious than the complete lack of communication when ordering the devices. Open Mesh did not provide a tracking number (the field was blank on their web page), and attempts to contact them from the online contact us form were ignored. The hardware itself was rather painless. One device needed to be manually restarted at one point (after which it's been running fine for the past week), presumably after it upgraded its firmware (the other devices didn't indicate this problem, and even while it wouldn't accept new ssh connections or connect to the open-mesh dashboard, it would still function as part of the mesh network and route packets).