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m joined January 13, 2008 (logged-in June 13, 2017) <beez> Bitching where bitching is due -- and often where it is not.

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My Opinion of JabberAway:

JabberAway is a Jabber (XMPP) to e-mai system, and back.

JabberAway.py stays connected to a Jabber server accepting messages, mailing non-chat messages to the specified e-mail address. Chat messages are stored in the client and are available using ad-hoc remote control.

The helper applications can be configured to support a round-trip e-mail to Jabber. The canonical solution is a personal domain with either a .forward or procmail rule that passes the message through xmpprelay.pl to construct and send the outgoing message through JabberSend.py.

Needs to support threading appropriately where possible.
Needs to support end-to-end encryption and authentication appropriately.
History recording.