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Low disk space and updating Maemo on the N900

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My Opinion of Low disk space and updating Maemo on the N900:

The Nokia N900 comes with a root filesystem with a minuscule 256MB. Nokia and the Maemo community have done a good job of making Maemo work with this through the liberal use of symlinks, but a limitation is still a limitation, and Nokia's still trying to get it right.

This morning I had about 27MB of free space, or about 10%, free. This hasn't been a big problem before, but today the first Maemo update after I received my device was released, and it need about 14MB to hold the downloaded files, and would need about 17MB of space extra after extraction. After combing my
filesystem, I realized that I had over 6MB of Maemo themes installed to the root filesystem.

After cleaning that up, I had 33MB free, which I would have thought were enough, but unfortunately, it wasn't for the Maemo application manager. A solution that seemed to work was to do it the old fashioned way and pull up an xterm window and run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade manually. That seemed to work just fine.