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My Opinion of TigerDirect:

TigerDirect is a mail-order / online shop. They attract a lot of customers with low prices and decent selection, but are also renowned for their horrid customer service, low quality of their custom systems, and bait-and-switch tactics.

Their custom systems are made from low-quality parts, and have connectors glued into place (such as the ATA cable into the optical drive connector) and have been known to emit excessive noise because of lose wiring resting in the CPU fan.

In one case, where I bought a bare-bone system--case and power supply--and a motherboard, the power supply was defective and fried the motherboard. They replaced the motherboard with an inferior model, but even when the replacement fried they refused to acknowledge the problem with the power supply. They also refused to replace the motherboard because it was "outside of warranty" even though I'd only had a motherboard in my possession for a total of seven-days because of the cross-shipping and technical support. I replaced the power supply, kept the case, and haven't dealt with this company since.