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My Opinion of Romano's Pizza and Subs (Piscataway, NJ):

New York Style:
Large Mushroom

Romano's normally-sized large cheese pizza starts at $12.75 (only $1 more than the small), with most toppings being an additional $1.50.

The pizza crust is of the expected thickness for a New York/New Jersey pizza with a good chewiness to it, but without the tang that often gives New York style pizzas extra characteristic. Instead, the distinctive aspect of the pizza is the extra sharpness from the cheddar in the cheese mix. The mushrooms on the pizza sufficiently rounded out the taste.

If you appreciate a sharper cheese, this is definitely worth a try. The cheese mix is the central focus as it overpowers any taste from the crust or sauce, but allows for accentuation and contrasting with the variety of toppings leaving Romano's pizzas as a canvas open to embellishments.