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Stella's Pizza (Watertown, MA)

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My Opinion of Stella's Pizza (Watertown, MA):

New York style pizza, 16" large with mushrooms for $10.75.

I didn't expect much when I walked in, choosing Stella's from the surrounding places because it happened to be on the same side of the street (east bound) that I was on. At first glance, the pie looked a little thin--and while I like thin pies, there is a limit as I realized when I experienced Nice Slice. The slices weren't thin enough to char though, and the crust was actually cooked perfectly for my tastes. The sauce was also good, although a little more would have allowed the taste to come through better, although it's questionable if the pie would have supported this with the other proportions. Cheese was alright, and the mushrooms were juicy.

All-in-all, not a bad pie.